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Your website is the foundation of your Company's online presence.

Prince Edward County Web Design is a locally based business, providing quality solutions in Prince Edward County and surrounding areas, since 2012 while maintaining a global presence for over 15 years.

Creative Design

An appealing website is the most important step in attracting online consumers. We design creative, user friendly websites that will draw people in and engage them.

Mobile Ready

A mobile ready or responsive design, automatically adjusts or resizes itself to the device you view it on. We design websites that look great on any screen.

Support Plan

Some aspects of a website often go unnoticed like, Hosting, Emails, Domains, Security, Maintenance and Support. We can take care of this for you.

Search Engine Friendly

Fully optimised to get natural organic search results from search engines. Reposition your Business with our Google package included with all of our designs.

Web Design Services

We offer a wide assortment of services in order to design your online presence and integrate your business


Graphic Design


Social Media

Digital Marketing


PecWeb's Portfolio

A few examples of our Web Design work in Prince Edward County


County Magazine

County Water Supply

Clean, Safe Water

Twin Birch

Suites and Cottages in Wellington


Cribs - Luxury Accommodation in Wellington & Picton

Dive Force Scuba

Start your Underwater Adventure with us

Angry Bird's

Rotisserie Chicken Restaurant

Brock Zeman

Singer - Songwriter - Producer

Peggy DeWitt


Custom, Creative Website Designs

Why choose PecWeb ?

If you're looking for a new Web Design that's both Creative and Cost Effective, then you need to contact us. Based in Prince Edward County, we offer that personal service that you don't get with other companies located elsewhere. Our clients are our friends and we believe in sharing business with them by referrals and recommendations.

We think our support system is second to none, as we go the extra mile for our clients and are always at the other end of the phone and email, and we try to get back to you within a few minutes and fix your issue or action your query the same day. We also support you late into the evening and weekends, we don't close at 5pm like most other web design companies. You won't get this type of support anywhere else! Don't take our word for it, contact any of our existing clients and ask them.

So, for an informal, no obligation chat, contact us and see how we can help you and your business with your online presence.

We work with you from the beginning of the project until we go live. We value your feedback and opinion and together will design your perfect web site with no nasty surprises at the end. Do you want an ecommerce store, online forms, social media feeds and links, google maps, email lists/newsletters, galleries, rss feeds etc? no problem, we do it all.
Our monthly plan allows you to do what you do best....run your own business, instead of ringing around different suppliers, being passed about when issues arise or if you have questions. You simply get in touch with us about anything related to your site and we take care of it. Our plan covers maintenance (wordpress, theme, plugin updates and compatibility fixes), security, backups, ongoing seo, domain/site/email hosting, limited content updates, training and support
Don't be taken in with the cheap hosting offers that you see on TV. These plans are known as shared hosting which means that your site is on a server that is shared with approx 500/600 other websites, so you can image how slow your website will operate and run. At PecWeb, we use a powerful dedicated server which means that our web sites are the only sites on the server with yours, keeping your site fast for your customers to navigate and you won't be penalised on the search engines due to slow loading times.
This is what we do as a business! We do not have other jobs, we won't disappear when school starts again, we are not a business that suddenly decides that they can design websites, and we are not a friend of a friend who knows someone that "does websites" We have been established in Picton for over 4 years and have been designing websites worldwide for 15 years. We aren't going anywhere. You need someone you can trust, someone who is always contactable and someone who knows what they are doing, you have all of this and more with us.
Your website is under attack on a daily basis without you even knowing. At PecWeb, we take threats seriously. This isn't a case of "it won't happen to me" as it happens to most sites every day. We have tools such as monitors, firewalls, alerts and blocks in place to avoid this and reduce the threat. We know when someone signs into your site and where they sign in from, if it's not you, we can terminate whatever they are doing. But, nothing is 100% hack proof and on the rare occasion that your site is hacked beyond repair, we can fully restore it from a clean backup within 20/30 mins, giving you the peace of mind that you are in Good Hands.

Prince Edward County Web Design

Media Projects

A small selection of Videos and Photographs created for some of our clients

  • 2022
  • 2 Oct 22

    Prince Edward County

    Promo Video

  • 2 Oct 22

    The Regent Theatre

    Membership Drive Video and Event Promos

  • 2 Oct 22

    Wellington Wedding

    Wedding Day in Wellington Ontario

  • 2 Oct 22

    Hop on the Bus

    Social Media Video to promote the Free Wellington Bus Service

  • 2 Oct 22

    Caddy Shack Mini Golf

    Promo Video for Caddy Shack

  • 2 Oct 22

    Promo video

    Dramatic Promo video

Prince Edward County Web Design

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